The Details

Free Consultations
Once we are contacted we will talk with you a bit to get to know your situation and the type of estate we are dealing with. We can then setup a specific time to come out and meet you at the location. During this meeting we will assess and determine the feasibility of a sale, discuss your needs, preparation, time frame and a tentative date for the sale, and answer any questions you may have.

Important tip
Don’t Throw Anything Away!!! You know the old adage, “ One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure” IT IS TRUE!!!! Practically everything has some value. Bernard-Steinitz-Antiques-Paris1

  How does it work?
After signing a contract, the only thing you have to do is take what you wish to keep and walk away. We do the rest, all aspects of set-up, arrangement/staging, research and pricing of all items within the sale.

  Setting Up
We Do All the work and handle all the details with care and respect. We sort, organize, research, price, market and sell. We bring in tables to help with displaying. We Professionally stage and arrange all of your household items in an eye catching manner. Price your items according to current fair market value.

We advertise and promote your sale in a variety of places, starting with our own extensive email data base. We also subscribe to 2 National Estate Sale Websites, posting hundreds of photos along with a vivid description. These two well known websites both generate over 3,000 views for any given sale. Prior too and the day of the sale, we post professional and directional signs in appropriate places for locating your sale. antique_shop_revision_by_sanfranguy-d5j4p8b

  Absolutely No Hidden Fees!!
Our fees are structured entirely on a commission basis. You only pay us for items we sell. Period.

   The Day Of  The Sale
During the sale we control customer entry, flow and exit. All valuable small properties that could be subject to theft are secured. Depending on the size of the home we only allow a reasonable number of people in your home at any given time.

   Other services Offered
We can Manage unsold properties if needed by means of low cost or no cost clean out. Sometimes there are items left that do have value, in such case we do offer credit towards the clean out fee. Please clarify your needs there are many different options available.